Tourism Department of the Valencian Government “Consellería de Turismo”

ROYAL DECREE 92/2009, of the 3rd of July, by which it’s approved the regulation of different types of touristic accommodations known as apartments, villas, bungalows and the like, and management companies, legal entities or individuals, engaged in the transfer of its use and enjoyment, in the territory of the Valencian Region.

Registry of touristic accommodations in the Valencian Region

A modification to this decree has been published which stipulates the obligation that all touristic accommodations, including apartments and houses, must be registered in the Registry of Companies, Establishments and Touristic Professions. Once obtained its registration number, this must be included in all publicity made of the property. Failure to comply with this obligation may result in penalties and fines for the owner and the advertising channel.

¿Who has to get registered?

The modification to the decree introduces the obligation that all properties have to be properly registered, without exception. If you manage between 1 and 4 properties, each property must be individually registered. If you manage 5 or more properties, you must do a registration as a company, not as an individual, and include the general registration number and not the individual registration number of the property. Once the property is registered, must necessarily include the registration number and category in every single action of advertising and promotion. This also means that we can not accept ads that do not include the registration number.

Income statement of your vacation rental property

It is also mandatory to declare the income from your vacation rental property in the Spanish Tax Agency (“Agencia Tributaria”). If you manage a company, you will have to do the called “Declaración Responsable” concerning the activity of companies managing touristic properties.